Bauce Sauce

Shhhhhh.... not while I'm pouring.

Riff Raff’S Remix of Bright Matter’s “You Never Know” (2 minute 40 second mark)

His lyrics are so amazing. I felt the need to type them out for the world to experience them. He is Jesus Christ reincarnated.

"30 on the sun, 720 on the dunks

Perm pressed hair smell like Sharon Stone

Pluto-shaped ass, eyes made by White Castle

Young Malpractice, attractive girls acting restless

Now I’m flabbergasted, showcase fashion across the atlas

Duct tape an actress to the mattress, Fatal Attraction

Moon boots fastened, might be Lake Placid

Don’t worry asking, Egyptian traffic getting sandblasted

Daughter in the locker, choose to be the stalker

Lipstick on her boxers while her mom is playing soccer

Coogi Mittens help, chain looks like Orion’s Belt

Pull up in the chariot with the glow in the dark Bart Simpson haircut

When my day begins, flawless women friends,

Magnetic air crushed golden skin, unblemished physique

Rap Game Dawson’s Creek

In the Volcanic liquid lava Benz….

Feels like the world is about to end”

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    Bauce Sauce deserves a medal
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    LMFAOOOOOOO. All his songs must be transcribed. It’s everyone’s civic duty
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    I just rewatched this and shed some tears.
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